our process.

You are assigned an experienced product development manager – all speak fluent English (from USA & UK). The product development manager will work with you to establish all of your requirements and provide you with a quotation. Fabric samples can be arranged and shipped to you if required. You may also send samples to us if you require us to replicate an existing garment.

If our quotation meets your approval we take your deposit payment and begin work on your garment project. During this process we spend time communicating with you to ensure we develop the exact specification you require down to the last detail.

We produce your pre-production samples and send them to you by air (DHL). Samples are sent FREE OF CHARGE. If you require any changes we can make the nessesary changes and send more samples for you to approve. Sample production time generally takes 15 days for stock fabric and 40 days for made to order fabric.

Once you approve the pre-production samples your full garment order is scheduled in for production at our factory. Once production is underway we keep you updated with photos and videos of the process. Production takes from 20 days to 45 days, depending on the garment material and complexity.

When production is complete, all garments go through our QC process. Your final payment is taken. The finished garments are then packaged and shipped to you. Small to medium scale production can be sent by air (5 days).  Large scale production is sent by sea (40 days).


We are able to provide samples to international clients for consideration & approval – from sample swatches of materials to full pre-production samples of the finished garment. Samples are sent by air with DHL.

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minimum order quantity.

Our factory Minimum Order Quantity for most garments is 500 items; however this can vary depending on the type, material and complexity of the garment you require.

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Non-Disclosure Agreements.

SUPA INTERNATIONAL will never share or publish information on any project if a client asks for it to remain confidential. We work with major brands and organisations under NDAs.

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